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Adaface SmartRecruiters Integration
Adaface SmartRecruiters Integration

Learn how to enable the Adaface SmartRecruiters integration and use it effectively.

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Integrating Adaface with SmartRecruiters will allow you to invite candidates to tests, track their status and review their scorecards- all from within your SmartRecruiters dashboard.

Once the integration is set up, you can:

  1. Add Adaface tests as a stage in your candidate funnel.

  2. Invite candidates to take a test with just one click.

  3. Include a pre-hire assessment before accepting applications.

  4. Review scorecards from within the SmartRecruiters dashboard when they complete a test.

Setting up the integration

  1. You must be on a paid plan Adaface to set up this integration.

  2. To integrate with your SmartRecruiters account, you will need an API key from Adaface. If you don't have one, please reach out to us at to request it.

  3. Sign in to SmartRecruiters and go to Admin settings > Apps & Integrations

  4. Select Adaface

  5. Please review all the information that we may require from you and click on Allow and continue.

  6. You will be redirected to Adaface to approve the integration.

  7. Once you approve you will be redirected back to your SmartRecruiters dashboard.

Setting up an Adaface test for a candidate

  1. Select the candidate you want to send the invitation to.

  2. In the right panel of the profile, Click on Browse of Assessments card. Make sure to be on the preferred tab.

  3. A pop-up with assessments from Adaface will be listed here. You can select single/ multiple assessments from the list and send invites to the candidate.

  4. Once the invite is sent successfully the status updates with the invite link.

Configure Assessments for Skills Test

  1. Go to Admin settings > Hiring Process

  2. An assessment invite can be auto-triggered by clicking on Skills test > Assessments

  3. Click on Configure

  4. Select the assessment you want the send the request and click Save

  5. Turn on the auto-trigger switch

Send Assessments for Skills Test

  1. The configured assessment is automatically triggered by converting the candidate's interview stage to a Skills Test.

Configure Assessments for In-line Test

  1. Go to Hiring Process in Admin Settings

  2. Click on the Add in-line assessment

  3. You can choose to enable the required assessment for candidates to take before applying for the job.

View scorecards

Once you've invited a candidate to take a test, you can check the status of their assessment in a few different ways.

  1. If the candidate has started the assessment, you'll see a notification in your SmartRecruiters dashboard indicating that they've begun the test.

  2. If the candidate finished the assessment, you can view their scorecard to see their test performance.

  3. To view the candidate's scorecard, click on the link in the completed assessment details. This scorecard provides a detailed report of their performance on the test, which you can use to evaluate their fit for the position.

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