Requesting a custom test

Learn how to request a custom test (customized by our subject matter experts on the basis of your job description)

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Adaface has over 500+ pre-employment tests for you to pick from.

If you do not find a ready-to-go for the combination of skills you are looking to evaluate candidates for or you want our subject matter experts to tailor the test to your job description and required experience level, you can request a custom test.

How to request a custom test from your dashboard

  1. Navigate to "Test Library" tab in your dashboard.

  2. Scroll through the tests or use the search bar to find the test you are looking for. If you are looking to create a test with multiple skills, you can pick the test for any of those skills in this step. You will be able to add additional skills to the test in the later steps, so you can pick the test for any one of the required skills of your role. For e.g., if you are looking to create a test for a Frontend Engineer role, with a focus on React framework, you can choose "React.js Online Test". If you are not sure which test would work best, you can click the "Request a custom test" button.

  3. Click on the test to view more details. You can preview the test to review some sample questions before you purchase the test.

  4. If there is a ready-to-go test available (only some technologies have ready-to-go tests), you can check if it would make sense for your role. A ready-to-go test is preset by our subject matter experts to serve as a generic test not aimed at any particular experience level. If you want us to customize the test to your job description, must-have skills and experience level, you can click "Buy custom test".

  5. You can fill the form with required details and click "Request Test". Once you submit this form, it goes to a relevant subject matter who will select the most relevant questions from our internal library of questions according to the job description, experience level, must-have skills and salary range information provided by you. If you are not sure which test would work best, you can select "Custom Test" for the "Test" field.

  6. As soon as you submit the form, a pending request will be visible in your dashboard. You will also receive an email confirmation.

  7. The test will be set up by our subject matter experts within 48 hours. You will receive an email update once the test is live on your dashboard.

  8. You can navigate to the test, and review the questions. If you require any changes (make the test harder/ make it easier/ add more questions on topic "x"), you can reply to the email and let us know. We'll make the required changes (no credits are charged for these changes).


  • What if I require multiple skills to be tested?
    You can pick any base test for your request and in the "Must-have skills" section of the request form, you can add all the skills that you would like to test.

  • Can I get the tests faster than 48 hours?
    It typically takes 48 hours for our subject matter experts to set up the custom test. If however, you have an urgent requirement, you can ping us on the support chat (bottom right) to let us know and we'll try to expedite.

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